Make fact-based decisions

Our operational scope

One-off measurement of operational efficiency.

What our clients ask us

How do I efficiently allocate resources amongst my communication channels?

Does my loyalty program create value?

How to assess the impact of a digital Search or Display campaign?

Understand customer expectations.

What our clients ask us

Which features should I develop for my future product launches?

How do I retain current clients while recruiting new ones?

Who are my purchasers and what do they expect given their browsing and purchasing behavior?

What is the share of ROPO purchases and what leverage of my website to increase in-store conversion?

Analyse the client database to highlight growth opportunities.

What our clients ask us

Which channels generate more customer acquisition?

What behaviour pattern do my international customers have?

Which customer metrics should I leverage to generate growth?

What are the most effective sources of digital traffic?

Assess and audit the quality of marketing operations.

What our clients ask us

How mature are my CRM practices?

How does my brand compare to its competitors?

Which marketing and organisational processes should I optimise?

What are the strengths of my brand to ensure optimal use of digital?

Display customer data to guide the decision making.

What our clients ask us

How can I visualize my main customer indicators, either CRM or digital, in a comprehensive way?

How do I hook-up my database to a data visualisation tool?

Audit the product offering, the pricing or the promotional strategy.

What our clients ask us

How can I automate the evaluation of my pricing strategy compared to that of my competitors by using digital and AI technologies?

Is my product offering consistent with the market?

Case Studies


Design and implementation
of a data viz reporting tool

For a major player in the luxury industry