Leverage your data
and the power of AI to achieve higher performance

Our operational scope

Develop & utilise predictive scoring models (discount, churn...).

What our clients ask us

Which product will my customers buy next?

How to identify discount sensitive customers?

What is my customer churn probability?

Who are my website visitors that my brand would benefit from retargeting?

Develop a targeted product recommendation engine.

What our clients ask us

Which 3 references should I be pushing to customers?

How can I optimize upselling and cross-selling by personalizing my website?

How do I lower my discount budget with targeted website banners?

Concevoir et mettre en œuvre un chatbot vocal.

What our clients ask us

How do I develop chatbots to improve my customer’s online experience through advisory?

How do I increase customer loyalty and improve Customer Service with chatbots?

Predict your brand's customer lifetime value (LTV).

What our clients ask us

How to measure future value of customers?

What’s my customer’s acquisition cost?

Which marketing levers will influence LTV?

How can I optimize my digital media spending by adjusting my bidding strategy according to the potential of each client?

Design and operate CRM and PRM campaigns on both physical and digital channels

What our clients ask us

How do I design and A/B test campaigns?

How do I optimise email deliverability?

Which channel should I prioritise for clearance sale campaigns?

How to optimize my Display campaign performance?

Implement your marketing automation.

What our clients ask us

What are the essential marketing automation tools?

How do I run Marketing Automation tools?

Which rules and specifications do I need to set up triggers?

Case Studies


Predict the best offering
for each individual client
thanks to AI

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