Executing your decisions
to speed up transformation

At the heart of our beliefs, stands one firm conviction: it’s when different views meet that you gain a competitive advantage. We refer to this as the edge effect.

The edge effect is a concept derived from environmental science: it’s where two ecosystems intersect that biodiversity is at its highest, with plant and animal species developing and thriving.

At the edge of the forest, species find advantages of both woodland and grassland : sunlight, moisture, shade. This richness of elements allows them to live in harmony and grow.

At ClaraVista, we nurture this phenomenon by bringing together data, digital, technological and marketing expertise. It is at the intersection of these skills that our expertise and creativity were born.

The edge effect is our active ingredient, where our key differentiator lies, that which allows us to create a competitive advantage for the brands that put their trust in us

Data isn’t a hype keyword or some vague promise with ClaraVista. It’s the groundwork to achieving your marketing goals, and because data can’t express itself, we combine it with human intelligence.


ClaraVista forged these beliefs through tailor-made solution design for brands that trusted us then, and still do to this day.

Since its creation in 2001, the firm has gone through major data and digital revolutions. It is through these experiences that we have acquired the right reflexes that make the difference when supporting our clients with their acquisition and loyalty challenges.

Since we can no longer think about marketing without thinking about data, digital ecosystem, new technologies and business expertise, ClaraVista has been combining these expertise for more than 15 years to give brands a head start.